Monday, July 5, 2010

I Don’t Have Alzheimer’s Yet- Part Two

I wrote Friday Morning’s Post (see HERE) on Thursday morning. Later, I discovered the missing box, torn open and ruined, but contents intact, on the laundry porch. It was easy to conclude that Ricki, having seen the box on my closet shelf, and a picture of a camera on the box, had taken it, and on discovering that it did NOT contain a camera, had discarded it. “Well, at least I don’t have Alzheimer’s yet…” I comforted myself. So, now that I had the battery recharger in hand, I went to fetch the battery from my camera.
Imagine my horror when I realized that Ricki had also tampered with my camera, breaking off the battery cover, and then (when the camera stopped working) had quietly returned the camera to its place. The only hope was that a small metal piece remained, and if I could find what had fallen off, perhaps it could be fixed. After searching the area where the cameras are kept, and where I had found the box, I was still empty-handed. So I asked myself “Where would Ricki take photographs?” The answer was the living room, so I searched there, found the small metal piece, and (thank heavens!) was able to piece it all together.
And, by the way, if you tell me that you have a "normal" child who wrecks destruction, gets into your makeup, etc., it is not the same. Usually this "normal" child is a toddler, or maybe a five or six year old. It is not your teenager (who IF he is chutzpadik enough to take something without permission, will usually at least not break it), who can reach your high shelves. My husband always says "So put it out of her reach." But if I have to put everything so high that I have to go climbing to reach it, how practical is that?

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Staying Afloat said...

Story of my life here. Granted, my kid's not a teenager yet, but still. He can get to everything! (including my purse, which I have to hide at the top back of the hall closet so he won't take the camera or my credit card to order things that cost hundreds of dollars.) So yeah, I get it.