Friday, January 15, 2010

Variety is the Spice of Life

This week I added some variety to my life in a simple way. I have several regular walking routes that I use, all (except the shortest) with one steep incline and no traffic lights. One morning as I headed out for an approximate 45 minute walk, I suddenly decided to do it backwards. This meant, however, that my steep incline would be somewhere else in the walk, and not as steep, so I elected to change the route a bit, even though it made the uphill stretch a grueling all-the-way-up-the-hill-by-way-of-steps climb. Amazingly, both my lungs AND knees held out, and the change was enjoyable. A routine task become much more pleasing, simply due to the alteration of direction.
So think about how you can transform a bit of your routine with a small amendment or change , and enjoy a bit of difference in your life!

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