Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mommy's New Toy - Special Exposure

Ricki is not the only one with a new camera . (See her photo HERE.) I ordered at that time a new camera for myself (a SONY DSC-WX1). It is a fantastic lettle camera. It can take nice pictures in low light (the lighting in this picture was about half what it looks like), panorama shots, and close-ups.

UPDATE: The "borekas campaign" got off to a good start yesterday. Ricki was up and ready in a flash in the morning**, and she only nibbled a bit off one borekah before bagging it and showing the clerk.)The real test will be when she finishes her four allowed borekas.

PS Further update 7:30 AM: This morning Ricki seemed to have forgoten about the borekas, and I was not about to remind her, since she doesn't get them every day, and it was raining hard (THANK G-D, we need it!). Besides, Ricki was running behind too late to also fit in a trip to the grocery.
SUDDENLY she remembered, and got very excited at the prospects of obtaining some pastry. I explained that NO, she couldn't have every day, and if she missed the car, she would get NONE next week. She reluctantly agreed. I was afraid that when she went downstairs to catch her ride, she might elope to the store, but no, she stayed put and caught her ride in time.
Gee, this just might work!

**Ricki's comments:
"I WILL make the car in time."
"Gosh, I really LOVE borekas...."


Batya said...

I remember rewarding my son for passing grades by framing his pictures. The massive curriculum here wasn't good for him. too many subjects too many teachers for an ADD dyslexic.

Alison said...

I hope you enjoy your new camera - I am a fan of 'gadgets'.

Can I show my ignorance and ask what on earth a borekah is???

CristyLynn said...

Love it when you can find something your child LOVES!

Staying Afloat said...


So excited for you to find something that may work. B'hatzlachah!

rickismom said...

Sorry, Alison, I thought I had defined "borekas" in the previous, linked post, but I didnt. Regular readers of my blog probably know by now...(because they are often taken by Ricki. A borekah is a pastry filled with a savory filling, usually potato.

Beverly said...

great photo. fun getting new cameras.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

What a sweet photo! Sounds like a great new camera. Thank you for explaining borekah - I had no idea what that was. : )