Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Missed Swimming Lesson

Thursday Ricki was supposed to have a swimming lesson. I went to her afternoon activity center to take her to the pool which is only a few minutes away from there. As we were walking, Ricki suddenly complained of a headache. I felt her forehead; she didn't have a temperature. I asked her if maybe she didn't want to go to her lesson. Her reply was to look at me with a hand motion "Are you crazy….?".
Now this type of situation is always troublesome. Is she coming down with something, or is she complaining very vocally, as she often does, over a very minor discomfort?
We arrived at the pool, and Ricki got dressed in her swimsuit. The teacher was running about fifteen minutes late, and Ricki actually waited patiently.
Finally it was her turn to enter the pool, but within moments she exited, complaining that she didn't feel well. So we came home by taxi, and after getting medicine (as she was already getting a temperature) and a glass of warm tea, it was off to bed with her.

PS By saturday evening she was fine!

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