Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I once heard as a joke: the best gift for new special-needs children is a filing cabnit. And it is funny because there is a ring of truth to it. But hopefully a filing cabnit is a BIT too much....
THIS post at eSpecially Ben, writes about organizing your information. Here are my ideas, what worked for me.
First, you need to buy a display book (A4 size). It would be tempting to buy a huge one (to last forever), but don't do so. 40-50 pockets are plenty for starters, and you don't want that it should be so big as to be a pain to take with you on trips, etc.

Organizing the book:
1st page: YOUR contact information, relatives, etc. So that you have a chance of getting it back if it gets lost.

2nd page: INDEX (you keep adding to the index as you add pages to the display book). You will need to number pages as you add them, doing so even with pencil will do the trick. If you want, you can highlight entries in the index with different colors for different areas: pink (for example)for medical, blue for school and educational stuff, green for _______. (Or pink- cardiologist, green- endocrinologist, blue- hearing tests and doctors, etc.) (You can add a page to the back side of the pouch if necessary , if the first page finishes.)

Page 3: Contact numbers for doctors, therapists, teachers, etc. Update yearly (at least).

Page 4: A running timeline of events (several pages can be added to one pocket).

Page 5 on: documents

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Anonymous said...

I was looking through your blog roll in your profile and found it interesting that you are following The Iron Chicken. I read it as well, because my daughter underwent a test for Angelman syndrome. Just thought I'd share this. :) I thought it was very interesting since I found both these blogs in very different ways, and it turns out you know about each other. :)