Friday, June 12, 2009


Ricki had a good day today. She woke up smiling, and in a gregarious mood, as if yesterday’s escapades had not occurred at all. Kids forget things quickly. Adults not so quickly. She was especially excited as her favorite aide was to be working today, her regular aide being ill. She went downstairs on time for her ride, and since her aide joins her in the taxi, I glanced out the window to see if the aide was on time. She was, and the two of them were sitting on the low wall in front of the house, while Ricki, gesturing with her hands, made some point in her conversation with the aide. It was heartening to see her so “normal”, and personable. We’ll get there eventually with the behavior modification. It just takes time....

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Marsha :o) said...

I work with "normal" teenagers (16-18) everyday and the Ricki's behaviors are behaviors that I see everyday from my students. The difference is that you are there to correct her whereas must of my students are here because their parents never corrected them and used the "boys will be boys" and ADHD excuses. Ricki will be just fine!

My BILs are grown adult twins with Autism. My MIL struggles with them, but because of her persistant she taught them how to read (both English and Hebrew) and they were Bar Mitzvah. She, like you, accepts their disability but focuses on their abilty. Keep up the wonderful job raising Ricki!