Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Candies

Yesterday evening Ricki had managed, somehow, to widdle some seven or eight pieces of sucking candy from her brother-in-law. Now I know Ricki, and she won’t take more than a suck or two of each before deciding that the candy is “too sticky”, and toss it away.
But she had apparently had her heart set on taking the stash with her to school this morning, and was terribly frustrated when she realized that she could not remember where she had put it. So I offered her three dietetic candies instead, which she reluctantly agreed to accept as a temporary replacement.
Then she went to the cabnit, and took the bag of soup nuts. I decided not to make an issue of this, but DID insist on pouring the amount myself. But I did it in the only way anyone who knows child psychology would do:
I poured a bit (less than the small amount I intended to allow her), and asked “Do you want more?”
“Uhh, sure...”

She received a smidgen more and walked out happy with a fraction of what she would have taken on her own.

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