Monday, June 22, 2009

To The Greengrocer or the Grocer?

About a week and a half ago, Ricki was going through a few rough days. She had not been behaving her best (understatement), and I was keeping an “extra eye” on her, , trying to assure myself that she would not get away with atrocious behaviors.
I suddenly realized that we were out of tomatoes, and asked Ricki to pop over to the greengrocers and pick up a few. The greengrocers is only two buildings away.
I went to the window just to be sure that she would cross the street safely, but she didn’t arrive at the corner. I waited. And waited. Where was she???
Suddenly I realized what had surely happened. I called the grocery store (which is about five buildings away, in the opposite direction) and as the owner lifted the receiver, I heard him commenting: “that is enough “borekas”!*
“Is Ricki stealing borekas again?” I queried the owner, feeling like the cavalry ready to ride in and save the situation. “Tell her Mommy knows just what she is doing and she must come home RIGHT AWAY!”
A shame-faced Ricki arrived home a few minutes later. She was greeted with a lecture on stealing, lying, and not listening to Mommy. In addition, she received a very large “she’ll-think-twice-next-time” punishment, and got resent to the greengrocer.
And if Ricki, or anyone else, wonders how I knew she was at the grocery store... well, if you know your child well enough, “it is elementary, my dear Watson”! Just as anyone seeing lack of money in my purse during “book week” would know I succumbed to purchasing books, or that at a disability conference, I will surely spend money at fair displays, so Ricki disappearing in the “second” direction was obviously on a trip to her borekas paradise.

*borekas are a salty pastry filled with mashed potatos, and is Ricki’s favorite dish/prize.

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