Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Maggie Mae" over at Take a Walk on the Happy Side has tried to award me with the "Honest Scrap" award, and I thank her very much. It is heartening to know that the time invested in blogging is making a difference in peoples lives, views, and feelings (I HOPE!)!!

Previously someone awarded me with this award (which I didn't but up on my cluttered-enough-as-it-is-sidebourd). And I replied HERE
I really don't haver tome to do uit all again, so sorry Maggie, you will have to be satisfied with the old entry. I am trying to limit my time online.....and besides, as I said before, when we give out awards so often, it looses a bit... seven is a lot for me to nominate....
I would like to mention a blog which I have found nice, called "Iron Chicken", who is my choice this time around for the "award". [(Note to iron chicken, you'll have to go back to Maggie Mae (link above, at "Walk on the Happy Side") for the rules.]This is a blog dealing with special needs in Greece.

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emma said...

Oh gosh, I only just saw this (it took me a while to work out e-mail alerts for comments), thank you so much:-)
By the way, I've found a lot of helpful hints on your blog.