Sunday, June 7, 2009

Three Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

-Ricki is getting tremendously better about not wetting her bed.
-Ricki is going downstairs on time most mornings.
-Ricki is able to leave after giving me one hug instead of thirteen.

-This morning after going downstairs early, Ricki went to the grocery store. And she bought herself some type of goodies without permission. (stealing). [No, she wasn’t hungry; she had eaten breakfast....]
-This morning she almost missed her ride as her very patient driver waited for her.
-The smart-_ss even had the audacity to wave “goodbye” to me from downstairs as she climbed into the taxi.

I heard the driver honking, and wondered how could it be that Ricki wasn’t downstairs already? Suddenly I suspected what must have happened, and a quick phone call to the store confirmed it.

Color me livid. Purple vivid. My G-d, for a mentally impaired kid, she manages quite well, doesn’t she? Now I have to think how I am going to tackle this when she returns home at noon. [At least I have a few hours....] I have to think how to EDUCATE her, the goal being education, not punishment. [Pure “consequences” would be easier, but it is not enough to change Ricki.] Education means I have to think.....


mother in israel said...

Well, at least you're looking at the positive! I'm sure you'll have some ideas by the end of the day. I had a bad start to my morning too.

Anonymous said...

Your headline caught my attention ... my husband and I often refer to our sons' progress as "ten steps forward, nine and a half steps back." Then sometimes they surprise you...

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Very clever indeed. Ricki's got this one on you. Our dear Sarah has proven that many times over. My husband and I will say there is sure alot more mulling around in that sweet head than most give credit for. I know you are very good at the behavior modification so you will have a great plan by days end.