Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sleeps in Your Bed?

Today I happened to see on an internet site (concerned with DS), posting by several mothers who let their young, and not-so-young children with DS sleep with them at night. In general I do not think that this is a good idea, and here is why:
I have a friend who started like so many of these moms with their kids in her bed, and now at 20+ her daughter is still there! It got a "bit" crowded in the meantime, but if you think that little kids with DS can be stubborn, wait till you have a teen! At the age you would kick any "normal" child out of the bed, the kid with DS should go too.
Besides the inconvenience that an older child can pose if you are married , I suspect that at a certain point it is good for the child's normal perception of "self" to see themselves as grownup enough to sleep on their own. Also they should know that they are not going to take Daddy’s place, whether Daddy works at night or not.

Tools to help the child move:
-relaxing music in the room
-give them a flashlight (t6hey have control over it) to chase all the monsters away with....

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FAB said...

I absolutely agree! I once started letting my daughter sleep with me when I felt guilty about working a lot- I was meeting my needs not hers- then she couldn't understand why when I put her in her own bed. Bed time is the one time I have some privacy, and if parents are to be the cornerstone of the family (which thy should be) mommy and daddy need time to themselves!