Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good versus bad

This is an approximate version. I am not sure I remember it word for word......

At the conference the other day, someone said something about children with Down syndrome having only a "good inclination", and not a "bad" one. (This is a sister statement to the "They are all so cute and loving.".)
Later that evening, a friend grinned at me (she also has an older child). "Does Ricki only have a good inclination?" (wink)
- "Yeah", I said, "she broke her glasses on purpose yesterday because of her good inclination...."

New parents , I have news for you. They are not always sweet. Kids with down syndrome, just like anyone else in the family, can be ornery, difficult, angry, not sweet, etc. THEY ARE PEOPLE.


Dave Hingsburger said...

And fat people are so damn jolly and gay people are so incredibly artistic ... stereotypes are such a limiting way to see difference and diversity. Good for you.

FAB said...

Glad to see you back, I've been waiting to read a new blog.

I just had my son's childcare center assume that he is dangerous because he has bipolar. He's been going there since kidergarten, but this year he has grown tremendously, so they pulled me aside and infered that they would like him not to come anymore. We cleared it up I think, but what an awful assumption all based on a label.

rickismom said...

Well, I am one of the most serious people around. OK, I can enjoy a joke, but I am not jolly. And I am definately overweight.

Thanks Fab.

Michelle said...

I just came across your blog via a comment you left on My Life With Gabriel's blog and wanted to say "hi!"

That stereotype (always so loving and happy etc) has bothered me from the beginning! Our children have other feelings and emotions as well and right now my 5 year old has a sassy attitude LOL