Sunday, July 13, 2008

Up late!

I will be posting sporadically if all all for the next few days.Its a way-too late hour to be posting, so I will leave you with this tiny tidbit:

When Ricki was small, she liked saying "No" to everything (pity she never grow out of that...LOL), and the word for "RED". We taped her saying "not red" when we prompted her "say 'red'". Till today an emphatic "not red" brings smiles and laughs to all in the family.

* * * * *
I take great pride that my 16 year old runs the washing machine like a pro! Having a busy mom is educational for “ siblings”…..


Anonymous said...

I'm with you! It is funny about the whole NO business. Even when Gabe means yes, we get a NO!

And, like Ricki, he is a great helper with laundry. Hopefully, he'll be as good with it at Ricki's age!

rickismom said...

actually, Lianna, my 16 year old is the helper with laundry, not Ricki!!!!