Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yesterday evening I was so discouraged that I didn’t even feel like writing. Ricki had done marvelously at swimming lessons, despite our having missed the previous two sessions. Then in the last five minutes she “ burnt the cake”. She acted atrociously (sticking her tongue out and spitting, and throwing stuff into the water) and we had to remove her from the pool basically by force, to enable for the next student to go in. Then she misbehaved on the bus home, and at home. Also, before the swimming lesson she purposely wet her hearing aid (luckily the $3,300 aid survived), because she felt like not wearing it. (I had made her a “project” to wear the aid and get used to it again after it had been lost for 10 days….) She also managed to break her last pair of eyeglasses (at least just the leg). I realize that this may all be because she suddenly finds herself in a less structured day (even though I do give her some structure), but that fact does not excuse it.
. It will not help her get along with others as an adult
Then this morning, she took 3 pita breads (equivalent to 12 slices of bread), thinking that this would be her breakfast. I mean, REALLY! Obviously, her meal was quartered, obver her protests. Again, she overeats when there is little to do, but even THAT should have a limit.
In short, as we enter her first non-day camp week of vacation, I find myself setting limits every moment. I try to be positive, using positive reinforcements, praise, etc., but it is hard when SO many negative behaviors are occurring. I find that Ricki is getting way too much negative attention, if not from me, than from other family members. And I really put her down verbally at one point yesterday evening, which does not help neither her nor my discouragement.

So I guess she needs a bit more structure, filling her days with fun activities, and also some crafts (to express some of that anger) as well. But to fit this in with my need to catch up on housework, etc., is rather challenging. I feel like I need to be superman. But its hard to be wonder woman when you only had four hours of sleep (this time NOT my fault; I am shutting up to protect the guilty party, but it isn’t Ricki).


FAB said...

Sounds like you've had a rough couple of days! Try not to beat yourself up, even the best parent has that moment they are not proud of. I just did it to my youngest on Sunday, in church no less! I've found we become even more frustrated when there is an audience.

I wish I could offer help, just reading your blog I feel exhausted! So, here's hoping that tomorrow is a better brighter day!

rickismom said...

Today was better, thanks

Ashley's Mom said...

I'm glad your day was better, and thank you for visiting my post on 5 Minutes for Special Needs.

I LOVE the photo on your page!


Maddy said...

Just read your comment on special needs mum and popped across to say hello.