Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Food Addiction

For people who are overweight, food can be an addictive drug in every sense of the word “addictive”. Let’s look point by point:
1. One who is addicted to overeating (whether it is cakes, chocolate, or whatever) will overeat even though they are fully cognitive of the fact that this extra food is unhealthy for them.
2. In addition, they will overeat despite the fact that the food makes problems for them in the interpersonal sphere of their lives (family, jobs, etc.)
3. They have physical withdrawal symptoms if they stop overeating. And I am not talking about “empty tummy” rumbles, but headaches, weakness, etc.
4. They will lie to others (and themselves) regarding the amount that they eat. This may not be verbal, but a habit of overeating AFTER returning from a wedding (THERE they did not TOUCH the buffet…)
5. The overeating satisfies some emotional need, is a calming tool, etc. Or it gives the sleep-deprived a spurt of energy.

I saw this all so clearly today. I am now finally in the less pressured time of summer vacation (yes, less pressured. More on that tomorrow, hopefully….)

A perfect time to get back on my diet
. I dealt pretty well with the splitting headache that cropped up this morning. Today number5 threw me. I was upset with someone….I tried relaxation techniques, to no avail. Finally I had a small piece of cake. The tension went. The headache lessened. Now I am only left with the quilt, and the determination to try and find an alternative. I’ve already started to get more sleep (sleep deprivation being my major overeating trigger). For tension I will need other tools. Perhaps music?

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FAB said...

Good luck! It's not easy, but the most important thing to remember is to forgive yourself- the guilt only makes it worse! With a slipup just forgive and move on. god forgives us, we have to get better at doing that for ourselves!