Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What an Evening!

I had a real hectic evening today. First of all, someone left the door of the deep freeze open this morning, just a pinch. But in the terrible heat wave we’ve been having, EVERYTHING in the deep freeze defrosted. So I have spent the evening cooking fish and chickens so that I can later refreeze them. And of course, just yesterday I had one of the boys jump over to the discount store and buy me a sizeable amount of (slightly less) expensive diet artics (ice cream bars). They are probably ruined beyond repair, but I will check after they are refrozen.
Ricki who has been clean for several years recently has started making a mess in her pants most afternoons. It is probably a behavior problem, and I have started a positive behavior plan for this, but tonight she not only made a mess, but made a mess of that!
The neighbors left their 12 year old babysitting, and he fell asleep. Then their toddler awoke and started screaming in the window. We had to force an entry, to calm the toddler.
Ricki also managed to tie some twenty NEW hair elastics onto her hose, and I had to pry them off one by one.

I was SUPPOSED to finish folding the laundry this evening, and to study a bit with Ricki. She wanted to study, being bored (at least when she wasn’t making a commotion), but the chickens had to take precedence.

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Anonymous said...

http://familycrafts.about.com/cs/steppingstones/a/040201a.htm is the site I used for ideas on how to make the garden stones...just picked up marbles and glass stones at discount stores as I saw them priced clearance or cheap! :) hope you enjoy as much as we did!