Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where is Love?

Where is love?Does it fall from skies above?Is it underneath the willow treeThat I've been dreaming of?Where is she...who one I close my eyes to seewill I ever know the sweet, hellothat's meant for only me?

For any of you who have not heard this, or can’t place it, this is from the musical “Oliver!” I heard it when I was an older teen, at a production in my home town. Many times after that, I found myself humming this song (when out of the earshot of others- I was embarrassed that others would find me funny), wondering when I would find my own true love. (Actually, I guess the song was written about finding Oliver’s mom, but I took it towards the direction of romantic love.)
Mind you, this is not about physical relations. The thing that we all search for, more than anything, is “the sweet hello that’s meant for only me”. Whether we are kids coming home after a bad day at school, a young teen looking for their life’s partner, a spouse who wants to still feel loved and esteemed, or an older person living alone, hoping that his children still cherish him and their memories of him. We all need the balm and elixir of being important to others. We all need to feel valued.
One of the things I enjoy about my oldest son is the exuberance he receives his children with on their return home from school. Such a priceless treasure his sons receive.
Once I was on a bus, and saw a woman with four young children. She was talking, explaining, smiling, and enjoying the ride with them. The optimism, the energy she had simply spilled over. Just as an onlooker I was affected.
I have a friend who is a “giver”, always giving and doing for others. At a wedding I once met her mother, who was busy checking that all the baby carriages would be put in a safe place. I instantly realized EXACTLY where my friend had learned to care about others. I know that I often bless my parents for the gift of optimism that they raised me with; it has been one of my most valued possessions.
Its funny, but love, one of the most precious commodities around, can not be bought. Nor taken by force. It can only be given. So let us give, freely, unstintingly. Hope you have (or had) a good day today!

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