Monday, February 4, 2008


I caught myself yelling at Ricki again this morning. And yesterday evening was no picnic either, as she dawdled on her homework to the point of being ridiculous.
Now, I know the way to work with her—more praise (I’ve been working on it, but not nearly enough), prizes for working well, etc. The question is why do I not implement the knowledge better? [This is similar to the question of why I am not really working on my diet, despite the knowledge that I need to.]
However, when it comes to Ricki, I am so frustrated when she acts in a self-defeating manner, and I expect better from her. So, in short, I am expecting her to improve, work on her attitudes, and to not engage in self-defeating behaviors… while not delivering on these things myself. If that is not hypocritical behavior, I don’t know what is.
So I guess I need to make some type of “action plan” for myself, before making one for Ricki.

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