Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Windmill, The Ticket

The Windmill
Ricki showed me today a picture she had drawn. It was of a windmill, she said. Now it did not LOOK like a windmill. (It would have, but she had drawn only one long wind-catching panel, instead of two, and placed it at right angles to the base, so it looked more like a top-heavy T than a windmill.) But what pleased me was the fact that she thought of drawing it. And that she knows what a windmill is.

The Ticket
One of my sons got a small traffic ticket, and promptly paid it. Today he received a notice in the mail, that since he is overdue in paying his bill, which was to be paid by the 28th of February, he must pay double the amount.
Seems to me that their computer is a bit confused!
A good idea, by the way, is to keep all paid bills in a file, so you can prove that you paid. You never know…..

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