Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Exciting, Yet Beneficial (for us) Fire

Well, Ricki and I got very little homework done this afternoon. There was a fire in our building, and we spent about an hour outdoors until the fire was put out, checked out, and the stairwell aired out a bit. It was prime homework time.
My neighbors unfortunately lost their living room, and perhaps more. (I didn’t poke my nose in going up the stairs; they had enough people doing that already.) I did tell their daughter that they can turn to me if they need anything, but since they have a large family in the area, it is doubtful that they will need my help. I certainly don’t envy them the inconvenience, the costs, nor the clean up. I hope that they didn’t loose anything irreplaceable, of sentimental value.
So how is this beneficial for me? It is simply this: A long time ago I taught Ricki how to put the fire on the stove out, and how to fry an egg. The only thing I hadn’t taught her is to LIGHT the stove. This last week, I started teaching her this. Not that she is that ready, but because I can see from the looks in her eyes that if I do not teach her the correct way, she will one day soon try to light the fire on her own. So I started teaching her, but after one lesson, she is SURE that she knows it all, while I am more positive than ever that she does NOT.
Today Ricki gained true knowledge. To the point where she almost doesn’t want me to cook. (But hunger will take care of that.)

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