Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I’m offering you today a few glances into my day- a few vignettes.

I had a longer-than usual talk with Ricki’s aid yesterday. I discovered, hearing between her words, her need to know that she is doing a good job, and that I am satisfied. After all, I am probably very intimidating to her, she being my daughter’s age, and with my very strong ideas on education. I told her that she is doing fine, and that she doesn’t have to be afraid of me. I won’t stab her in the back. “Anything that is wrong, rest assured, I will tell you.” I mentioned a few good points where she is doing excellently. I will need to do that more often, give her a boost of confidence.

I finally registered a new graphics program that I bought last summer. I called Corel Company and was very pleased by their phone service. The options were clear, and at the end, there was a choice to rehear the options. (Some of us with IQ’s less than 120 are so intent on trying to figure out which choice best matches our particular crazy situation, that we loose track of which number the choice we eventually choose was…..)

Ricki, for once, fell asleep early (well, on time) last night. Not surprisingly, this morning she was chipper as can be, and she was insistent on getting dressed on her own, and did so speedily, and combed her hair successfully as well. She did not act rude or mean. Can I order the “sand man” to show up tonight at the same hour? Wish I could….

The lady in the vegetable store is almost aristocratic in bearing, tall, and thin, but always has a smile to greet you with. She guides Ricki to act properly, without calling her an “angel” or the like. Her voice is firm, yet soft. She even remembers my idiosyncrasies, like putting the heavy items in the sack first, rather than the “squishable” ones.

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