Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jewerly: First Try

A few years ago I bought several jewelry-making supplies but never (except for fixing some broken pieces) used them. When I mentioned this to Mom during my last visit she told me that DAD had also bought a lot of stuff for jewelry. I looked through it and took some of the stuff. (That REALLY weighed down the suitcase on the way home; I BETTER use the stuff!!)  Tonight I decided to try and make a bracelet to match an outfit I have. The beads are from Dad's supplies, the stones and glass from mine. But I think I need to take a good course......maybe after Passover. But not too bad for a first try.

[image: bracelet of beige and rust-colored beads and stones]


Batya said...

It's gorgeous. You have the talent!

Leah said...

very pretty! the most important part of making jewelry is the creative aspect - e.g. deciding what beads, how to arrange them, etc.

for the technical part, there are plenty of how-to articles and videos online. good luck!

Debby said...

Wonderful! Wear it in good health!