Monday, November 10, 2014


sharing a link with you: , on use of the R-word.

I've always said that as each derogatory word gets " outlawed", the new term eventually gets a new connotation, and also gets used to stereotype and insult. The problem is the underlying attitude to those we feel are "beneath " ourselves. ..... However, as it turns out, "intellectual disability" is such a cumbersome long word, it just doesn't get used as slang or an insult, and that is definitely the way to go.


Batya said...

Some of the new euphemisms are a bit wordy, hard on the tongue.
Doesn't one want to "retard" the growth of mold? And uses like that?

Rickismom said...

Yes, obviously, you can retard the growth of mold. And as I pointed out, that cumbersomeness actually is beneficial (although I admit that it drives me crazy too at times!)

Anonymous said...
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