Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Walk North of Hertzlia

Sunday I did something I haven't done for several months: I went "exploring".  With Passover cleaning, the Passover holiday, and my operation, I had been too busy. But Sunday I felt definitely ready to try walking in a "new" area. I like to do this, and then, once I have discovered the best route (and what to avoid) , I share with friends. (BTW my knowledge of this area is largely from the geocaching site. HIGHLY recommended……)
    Note: This walk is largely in the sun. It is best to do on a cooler day, and with a good sun hat, sun screen (bring extra with you to re-apply), and plenty of fluids!!!!!!!!  Also wear shoes that will do well on sand roads (ie, closed).
   So I started out near  the central train station, on Derech Namir (route 2), where I took a "sherut" (shared taxi)  heading in the direction of Netanya. I got off next to the small town of "Shefayim", which is a bit north of Hertzliya. (One can get off also at the next stop, "Ga'ash".) Between shafayim and Ga'ash there is, next to the shore, the Hof HaSharon Nature Reserve. In my opinion, the side nearer to Shefayim is nicer.
   This reserve is a wild area, on the cliff-bluffs overlooking the ocean. There are several paths.
[photo: view of the Mediteranean Sea from the overhanging bluff.]
   After leaving the park, take back roads (a google maps app on your cell phone helps here) towards Hertzliya. On the way you should pass the green gallery", an outdoor sculpture display.
[photo: "sculpture" of a vase.]

   As you reach the outskirts of Hertzaliya, you will arrive at the Appolonia Ntional Park. Here there are the remains of a crusader fortress. (There is an admission price of 22 shekels.)
[2 photos: Crusader fort ruins.]  

    An additional half-hour walk will take you to the Hertzliya Beach area, from where you can take a 90 bus back to the Tel Aviv area. 


Anonymous said...

These photos are stunning! thank you for sharing them.


Cindy said...

Gorgeous photos!

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Great read, thanks for sharing this