Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Real "Shechiyanu" ("First")

(image: light brown knee high boots ) :

   I have huge feet. Being blessed with  feet-large-for-height genes from both parents, I am a size twelve.(43-44 Israeli size. )   Most stores here carry to size 40, many to 41. …and a few to size 42. Until lately, I have bought nearly all my shoes in a special store in Jaffa, or in America. Or I buy a feminine-styled man's sport shoe.
    Once I saw that a store in the Petach Tikva mall had a few size 12 shoes, but nothing that I liked. Today I popped in there again, as I was passing by, and I found KNEE HIGH BOOTS.

   I have always dreamt of wearing knee high boots.
   But my feet were too big, or my legs too fat.
   But these fit. I GRABBED them!

   I commented to the casheir: "How lovely that you have knee-high boots in size 12. That is so rare."
   And in his reply he mentioned that these boots are also WIDER than usual.
   My bubble of finally having thin-enough-for –knee-high-boots  legs burst.
   But the boots aren't a snug bare–fit, either, so I will enjoy them anyway.

DRAT! Why did he have to mention that!??!


Meta/roses. said...

You made me laugh with your pop-pop-pop!
I know the feeling though. I very often also have to buy men's shoes.

Mets/roses on WT.

Batya said...

walk in good health

tesyaa said...

Plenty of people of normal weight wear wide-calf boots. Enjoy the boots.

Bev said...

That salesman needs to find another line of work! Rude & thoughtless comment!Your boots are lovely & I bet you look amazing wearing them!

Rickismom said...

Beverly, he didnt realize what I was thinking nor could he see my upper calves. He was only noting that the boots where a wide calf style....

Batya said...

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