Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Saleslady's Estimate

   Once upon a time, shopping for clothes would never give me a grin.  The outlandish price of the big-sizes store's merchandise, the embarrassment of trying something on and it not fitting… or even worse, the saleslady commenting that "We don't carry your size"…. All made clothes shopping a tense time to say the least.
     Now I have not lost a lot of weight since last winter, and my old clothing still fits me. But I decided that "maintaining" also deserves recognition, so I went to buy a few new items for myself today.
   And I discovered that I am a full size smaller than I was half a year ago.  And at one point a sales lady asked me if I needed help. I told her" I like this jacket, but I am not sure that this size 44 will fit me."

   "For sure not," she commented, "this item runs a bit small… I'll get a 46 for you." Well, in the end the size 44 had plenty of space…. . How great to be SMALLER than what the saleslady estimated!!


Batya said...

That's wonderful. I put on a couple of kilo. I'm now trying to slwoly get them off.

Meta/roses. said...

What a great feeling that is. Congrats on maintaining and rewarding yourself with some new clothes.

roses from WT.