Wednesday, June 12, 2013


   This incident happened about 2 weeks ago, but I just hadn't had time to write about it. I was walking along the street in Ramat Gan (a suburb of Tel Aviv), when suddenly I heard someone muttering next to me, which at first I ignored. Suddenly I realized that a man was talking to me. He was yelling "AREN'T YOU AFRAID? PEOPLE NEED 5 JOBS TO STAY FISCAL, AREN'T YOU SCARED?"
   Apparently this barrage was brought on by the recent political climate. What amazed me was the assumptions he was making:
1) That I do not work
2) That my husband does not work
3) That my husband/sons do not (did not) serve in the army.

  What little tiny boxes of preconceived notions we pollute our minds with......


Batya said...

Some people can only read stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

so glad I found your blog still up. I have been trying to reach you but your email address I have isn't working
so proud of you for your weight loss
please be in touch
jafm from sfm

Toni said...

I am so very glad that I came across
your blog and ESPECIALLY for the fact
of your tremendous strength in your
weight loss. Last year I began an
alternative diet and lost 40 kilo,
returning me to the size when I made Aliyah in 1973. The happiest day of my life was giving away 3 huge garbage bags full of my "heavy" clothes.

The diet is constant and does not
change from day to day which is
vegetarian, and I have adjusted
to it completely.

In no time at all my husband, who
didn't really have to lose any
weight, started eating the same
food and has lost a little. He
really wasn't overweight but he
feels much better with the diet
that we share together.

I admire your determination. In
all, that's all it really takes.
Kol Tuv, Toni

Rickismom said...

jafm within a month I will try and see if I can obtain your email.

Toni, wishing you continued success

Rickismom said...

Within a few days I will(bli neder) call Chaya T.(of Jerusalem, of SFM's) and give her my new email.

Rickismom said...

Toni, glad you found an eating plan that works for you!