Monday, April 8, 2013

Geocaching; Losing Weight

   Today I did something fun—I went and found a geocache ! The fun was not the contents of the cache, but the challenge of finding it. And in addition, I discovered a few new small parks between a park I knew and a big park I had never WALKED to until today (but which I had gone to previously by bus), Park Wolfson. And then I turned around and walked home! (A total of  about 3 hours of walking, in addition to several errands beforehand.)
   The point here, though, is that I ENJOY walking. Climbing 50 steps to a park on a hill no longer, as it did once, make me gasp for breath. Once upon a time, even if I COULD do such a walk, I would have terrible leg pains afterwards. Today I put my legs up for 5 minutes after I got home, and felt fine.
   I doubt if people who have been very overweight for several years have a true idea of JUST how TREMENDOUS the changes in their life can be with weight loss. Let me share some of the changes I have experienced:
1)      My knees no longer hurt
2)      I can climb up the three flights of stairs to my house without stopping 2-3 times in the middle, and without feeling like I'm on the verge of a heart attack
3)      I can run to catch the "cross" light while green, before it turns to red.
4)      If I run out of onions, I pop over to the vegetable store, rather than waiting until someone comes home. And the 4 minute up and down the stairs and crossing the bit to the store in no big deal.
5)      I don't have to sew my own clothing, or go to a special store for super-big sizes. (Which charge super-big prices as well…)
6)      I can buy a bathing suit.
7)      I am no longer mortified by embarrassment when I go to the beach, pool, etc.
8)      I no longer cringe before every doctor's visit, knowing that I will be told that any problem I have will be blamed on me….
9)      I can dance and dance and dance at a wedding, and it is FUN…..
10)   Today I can use all sorts of standard things, which once were too small: seat belts, hospital gowns, bus seats, airline seats, etc etc
11)   Jewelry, watches, etc fit me.

12)   People see ME, not "My G-d, what a FAT lady!!"
13)   It is easy to pick stuff off the floor, clean under closets, climb unto chairs, climb ladders.
14)   If for some reason I am sitting on the floor, it does not take tremendous strategic maneuvers to rise.
15)   My legs (veins) no longer hurt. My cholesterol returned to normal, as did my blood pressure.
16)   I have more energy—MUCH more
In addition, I have gained the self confidence that I can accomplish my goals, even if I occasionally make a small slip. I no longer have to be "perfect" in everything, to compensate for my over-weight "deficiency".
Not a bad trade, huh, for those 75 kilos…….



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I gave no words but WOW and I wish I were as diligent and successful as you with exercise and diet!