Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Make-up Job

   Well, I needed a good make-up job today, after getting a few questioning glances in synagogue over the last few days.
   You see, on Saturday I made an effort to get out and do a bit of walking, walking an hour each way to the national park, along with my son "Y". On the way I managed to trip and smash my face rather royally into the sidewalk pavement, gaining some deep black-and-blue marks on my chin and cheek. (My knee also got banged up, but isn't visible to public view.)
    The curious looks I received when I went to synagogue to hear the shofer (ram's horn) were probably because I looked like a battered wife! At least I was dressed well! For the holiday I purchased a new skirt with a BELT! This is the first time in my adult life wearing a belt. A real "shechyanu"! (A "shechyanu" is a blessing said on holidays for having "reached this time and season".)


Cindy said...

Oh no! Sorry about the fall! Hopefully the bruising will go away soon. And congratulations on the belt!

belehcar said...

Shanna Tova! Wishing you the best even if it's belated!

Anonymous said...

I got a black eye in a fall as well, and I had to constantly tell people, I was a klutz, and no one had hit me. I don't think anyone believed me.

LindaSue said...

So sorry about the fall - I've done that a few years ago - looked atrocious for a while - but Oh My a BELTED outfit - that is an accomplishment buying a pretty belt is one of my weight loss mini-goal rewards! will take a bit more loss before that is valid concept for me.