Thursday, May 10, 2012


   Since Ricki is still in ICU, and I can not be with her the whole day, I took the opportunity to run do a few health check-ups that I needed.  As I was sitting waiting for some test results at the health fund, I saw an obviously pregnant woman exiting the ultrasound suite. Now usually women look pretty happy when they do this test, assuming that all is well. She, while not looking upset, DID NOT look very happy either. I wondered to myself if she had been told of the possibility of some problem. What would I tell a woman who has learned that life is becoming more complicated than she had hoped for, IF I could?
   I would not give a “Pollyanna” whitewash. Having a special needs child is tough at times. But I would add this:

   Yes, mothering Ricki is tough at times, and sometimes I mutter to myself that when I agreed to take her home, I never dreamed that she would do “XYZ”….LOL. Yet having parented Ricki has enhanced my life in SO MANY WAYS.
-   I have become friends with other “special needs Moms”, who by and large are an incredible group of ladies.
-  I have learned to enjoy what I have, and take much less for granted.
-  I am much better able to emphasize with people who are going through a crises of any type.
-  I have learned that my worth is not based on what my child accomplishes (the “My Son, the Doctor” syndrome), but on the choices I make.
-  I have learned that as much as I think that I am in control of my life, G-d laughs at my stupidity, and can turn my universe topsy-turvy in a moment….
-  I have learned that love need have no limits…..


mikimi said...

This should be linked over to FB too.

Jess said...

What an inspiring post! Thanks for the words of encouragement!