Saturday, April 21, 2012

True Confessions and the Price of Apple Pie

  The most significant thing about my last two posts is what I did NOT write: I gained three kilos over Passover. And while I know from experience that I can loose it quickly, a part of me deep inside is very fearful of backsliding. It would be SO easy to stop being careful, basking in my new thinner wardrobe, the daily compliments I receive… and slowly put unneeded pounds back on.
   Most of this last week I was good—kept my diet faithfully, despite a lot of hunger. But then can the weekend. And I definitely overate today.
   At the onset of Passover we had received (from an organization that we know) three small containers of cooking apples (in addition to a plentiful amount of onions and potatoes). The onions and potatoes were used up, but Thursday morning had me glancing at three boxes of apples, and wondering what to do with them. The easiest way to use them up was obvious to me…..use them to make an apple pie. But I was hesitant to do so, because my mother’s apple pie recipe makes a confection that is hard to resist. In the end, I did make the pie, determined to have no more than two pieces of it. Well, the two pieces became four. As, in my heart of heart, I suspected they would.
   That is the price of baking an apple pie.

 Next time I bake a pie, I need to honestly access that price.
 OK. Now is the time to go forward, get back on track 100%. And get under 80 kilos again….


LindaSue said...

Your question is excellent - what is the price of a food indulgence? - I'm eating for something to do during a crisis - and it is NOT worth the price. Hoping this is a wake up for me and congratulations for your self aware evaluation!

Batya said...

Next time, stew them with ginger and cinnamon. And send some to me.

Rickismom said...

Ah, but Batya, compote (stewed fruits) will not make my family happy, and pie (if done RARELY) will! I just have to do it rarely enough (2-3 times a year), so that I can "afford" it! I do not feel that one needs to eliminate all fattening foods, but it DOES need to be kept in check.
My biggest problem is that this was too close to my pass over indulgence. But today I am thankfully 100% back on track, despite a stressful morning, and I intend 100% to keep it that way!
Next allowed "big cheat" (maybe even a middle-sized one) is for Shavuot......