Monday, February 7, 2011

Laying Down the Law

Ricki’s favorite breakfast is pancakes. I refuse to make them for her daily, due to the high caloric input that they impart, but this morning, it being coldish outside, I decided to give her a treat. Besides, I was feeling magnanimous towards her this morning; Ricki has been calmer and better behaved the last few days.
However, as she entered the kitchen, I quickly noted that she had put her “Raggedy-Ann” style night socks on, and she was bra-less. I commented that her dress was improper, and she would need to correct it. When she balked, I explained why she could not wear the socks, and when she again balked, I immediately laid down the law: “Go put on hose instead of the socks and put on a bra, or I won’t serve you the pancakes.” She feebly reached for them, but I could see that she realized that I meant what I said. When she turned for a minute, I even managed to slip the plate of food into the silverware drawer, thus negating the need for me to stand guard over the “goods” until the price was paid. When Ricki realized that she did not even know the location of the plate she reluctantly went to fix her clothing. Ten minutes later she was pan-cake full, and had brushed her teeth, and she came to show me that she had done so. She inquired how much time she had left until her morning ride to school, and I told her, adding that maybe she wanted to listen to some music in the interim.
A typical morning, and I suspect, a pretty typical teen as well…..


perlsand said...

Why do you mislead people(in your Feb. 1st post) by writing that the"orthodox" do not generally enlist in the army?Perhaps not in the charedi circles and that's a shame but among the Dati-Leumi (orthodox), if you don't go to the army, you are the exception.

rickismom said...

CORRECT you are! I have corrected the original post. Thank you.

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