Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cure: Walk and Swim

I mentioned about two weeks ago (see HERE)about a pain I was having in my leg. While I had gotten some GOOD aerobic on that day, the ache still was definitely making it’s presence known. This Monday I finally got to the orthopedist. Now this orthopedist is quite good, but he his motto is always to “lose weight”. While his recommendation is VERY valid, it is a bit funny coming from him, as he is no skinny-minny himself. I used to weigh more than him, but today I sure don’t!
Anyway, as soon as I told him about my leg pains, he pronounced ‘The cure is to walk and swim.”.
“But I ALREADY walk, and swim an hour, doing 40 pool-lengths, each week. And I have had this pain for months.”
“HOW much do you walk?”
“At least an hour daily.” (surprise, surprise…)
So he checked me to see if the pain was coming from a spinal problem or a bursitis-type of thing. (It was the later.) In the end he gave me a different “cure”, as the previous one just wasn’t doing it……


Batya said...

What's the cure? rest? Maybe you're overdoing it? There could be a medical cause. Or get new shoes.

mikimi said...

I so know the attitude of "If you just lost weight..."
And when we have lost weight and still have a pain-what then?
And I jealous of your weight-loss and wish more of the same for me with motivation to do the work to succeed at it!
May you continue to go from strength to strength in all that you do for your self and your family!

rickismom said...

No Batia, I'm not overdoing it, and my shoes are fine! Just at almost-60, one can get pains here and there! In the end I received a different treatment, and am feeling better.