Monday, November 21, 2011

“Mom, You Don’t Know”

I picked up the phone:
On hearing my son’s voice I starting chatting with him. Meanwhile, Ricki started having conniptions. When I finished the conversation and hung up, Ricki sputtered:
“MOM, you don’t know how to talk on the phone! You say ‘Hello’ ‘This is Ricki’! “

At her school, at my request, they have started learning how to make formal phone calls, like to arrange a doctor’s appointment.
Ricki caught me not following the script…..


mikimi said...

Except that your name is not hers!
You are ___, Mom, Ima,Savta.
Just add that info to her knowledge bank.

rickismom said...

I don't think she expected me to use her name. When she said the lines, she pretended (hand on ear) to be on the phone. She was simply stating how one talks....But I STILL wasn't following the formal "script" she had learned.