Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Taxi, Please!

For the last month and a half I have been having pain in my left leg whenever I go aerobic walking. This has definitely impacted my speed, which has concerned me.
Tuesday morning I had several errands to run, and while I got all of my 10,000 steps in, the aerobic ones where not as speedy as I would have liked. I even started seriously considering going to an orthopedist. (I have already shlepped to a vein doctor, and he said that THEY were not the cause.)
Then this afternoon I had to walk over to Ricki’s afternoon program, in order to escort her to her weekly exercise class. I considered taking a taxi there (as I HAD my 10,000 steps already), but in the end decided to walk, especially because I had JUST enough time to make it by foot.
Suddenly, half-way there I realized that not only was I going at a VERY good clip, but also that it didn’t hurt! YEA! (……And to think that I almost took a taxi…..)


Batya said...

B"H, whatever it was, it worked its way out. I'm glad.

Cindy B. said...

I have some osteo-arthritis in my knees and some days it bothers me and other days it doesn't. I believe it is one of God's ways of telling me to take each day as it comes.