Monday, August 16, 2010

The “Tzedukka” Lady

[Note: “Tzeddaka” means charity.]
There are several people who collect charity in our neighborhood, on street corners, or by going dor-to-door. Many are “regulars”. But one is special.
This “tzedukka lady" sits under a sunshade outside the house of an important Rabbi who lives about a five minute walk from my house, near the shopping district. She has obviously impaired hands, with stumbled fingers. But what you notice most about her is her smile. She is always thankful for what she receives, and will ask you how you are, giving you a 1000 carat smile. Thus I never feel that she is a “taker”, but rather a “giver”. I am sure that she collects much more money than those “collectors” who scowl.

And what about me?
Won’t I reap better results if I smile? No, I don’t collect money. But I suspect that I will catch more good will from my children, more positive reactions, if I present with a smile rather than a frown…..

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