Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Missed Picture

Yesterday morning as I was taking my early morning shabbas stroll, I saw a cat sitting in the middle of the street. (He was able to sit there patiently and fearlessly as the streets in our town are closed to vehicular traffic on shabbas, except for emergencies and medical necessities.) Scattered around him, eating crumbs from the street, were about 5 or 6 pigeons, each at a decent distance from him, He was hungrily eying them; they were keeping their distance.
Of course, I don’t carry a camera on shabbas, and as has often occurred in the past, this is invariably when I notice the best shots. Sometimes I can get a close approximation of the shot the next day, but more often I can’t. just as I don’t carry my camera on Saturdays, I also don’t have my MP3 player on either. I suspect that not having my MP3 player on makes me more attentive to my surroundings and hence more likely to notice good photo opportunities………..

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