Sunday, August 22, 2010


Ricki has lost her glasses again. Yes, AGAIN. She claims that they fell off when she looked downstairs from the railed-in window, and the glasses fell three stories and broke.
I found no glasses below (whole or broken), so I don’t know WHAT to think. Now she is pestering me for a replacement (she DOES need them), but in the meantime I’ve lost the prescription, so I will have to contact Ricki’s eye doctor…..
In the meantime, I checked with the eyeglasses store if they have a copy. (Our former store always did, but this new store is MUCH cheaper....). They don't.
The saleswoman asked why I bother to buy the glasses if they get lost so quickly. Well, the fact that Ricki can barely read without them... and she can't read her watch at all (and I am TRYING to teach her to read her watch this month)....resupplying Ricki is simply not an option. But I AM letting her sweat it out for a few days......

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