Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Hike

Today I climbed up to a cave on this hill- as difficult as any of the hiking I did in the Rockies' but at least I wasn't out of breath! (Altitude difference....)
I gave myself credit for 1000 extra steps, since most of the hike involved pauses to gauge footing placement, waiting for the woman in front, etc., and short start-and-stops don't register on my pedometer, but I definately MADE those steps!
Unfortunately, the cave we were hiking to was a real disappointment (maybe there were stalagtites further inside, but our guide didn't take us there....). The group I was with was of women my age, and I was able to keep pace with most of them, and better than many. Unfortunately, this trail was NOT appropriate for many of the women, who really had a tough time.
As we reached the parking lot, I saw a bunch of teens in some type of pre-army program, and some were groaning at the idea of scaling the hill. I piped up: "If I can do it, you can!", and I got a rosing roand of applause in return (LOL)!

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tesyaa said...

The view is incredible.