Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Laundry, and the Teen

Another aspect of what I posted about yesterday is that Ricki is eager to do things that make her feel grown up. Paramount seems to be hanging up laundry, or taking it in.
Whenever Ricki notices that there is laundry to be hung up, she will do so. And, if she sees laundry already hanging up, she will bring it in (even if it is not completely dry…). One day last week I had to hang up some laundry to dry three times, because Ricki kept “bringing it in”. But there HAS been progress. Ricki used to invariably chuck out the clothespins as she removed the washing from the line. But last week I threatened that I would confiscate her walkman if any more clothespins disappeared. Since then, she hasn’t tossed any out.
So can anyone explain why I had to threaten her? Why in the world were my explanations not enough?????


Ilana said...

Because it's not her priority. Clothespins are not on her agenda. They're just there. It's too much bother to save them. By threatening her, it became more important to her. (I don't suppose you can make her go pick them up from the ground if she chucks them?)

rickismom said...
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rickismom said...

written June 15th:
sometimes I can make her pick them up, but often they fall on an unaccessable ledge.
Yes, the threat was to make them important enough tp take care of....
written today:
Unfortunately she is STILL throwing them!