Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Sprint

[BTW, Friday’s post on the eyeglasses has an update for anyone who is following the “saga”.]
This morning I went out walking later than usual, having stayed up to all sorts of unreasonable hours last night. [This often happens on Saturday nights, as I sleep more than usual on Shabbas (Friday evening and Saturday day).] In addition, I was in demand as a babysitter, so I had to be home by 8:15, which meant that I only would have time for a twenty-minute aerobic walk. I was comforted by the knowledge that I am going to a wedding this evening, and will be able to up my step-count by dancing.
However, a shorter walk, later in the day, meant that my best walking path would cross a major thoroughfare, and I would have to stop for the traffic light, or walk in circles until it changed. But that is OK, I do it regularly. However, as I approached the intersection, from a slight distance I could see the way in which the traffic was flowing, and knew that in a few moments the pedestrian light would be green. So I started running. The light changed, and I continued my sprint, crossing the street in time. This is the longest sprint I have made in 40 years. And it felt easy. And I didn’t feel like an elephant.
You know, that feels GOOD!
Also, as a postscript to my post of 2½ weeks ago I am happy to say that an hour’s walk is now the same as a 45 minute one used to be, although part of that may be because I am walking at earlier (cooler) hours.
In short, progress is sweet!

Now my only problem is to decide whether to wear a flattering dress that I had saved from years ago (which I can just now fit into again), but which is a bit too hot for this weather, or a more lightweight outfit that is so-so. Pride and vanity, or practicality????? I’ll have to choose…..


Ruchi said...

Kol Hakavod. I must be so gratifiying to have come so far.
I vote for the comfortable ourfit especially if you are going to be dancing a lot. And you never know what the A/C situation in some of

Batya said...

I'm sure the larger outfit will look better. I had a neighbor take in clothes when I lost weight. It was cheaper than buying new. Some of the clothes were really gorgeous and didn't pay to give away. she did a great job. One Hagara dress I gave to my daughter as a maternity dress!