Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Found What to Post About

Last night I was wondering what to post about. One of my sons had been here with his family over shabbas (the Jewish Sabbath- Friday afternoon-to Saturday Night). And last week my daughter and her husband had returned to temporarily live in the room on our roof. So we all had a busy and enjoyable weekend. But all this does not necessarily make a post interesting enough for anyone outside of the immediate family.
One thing I thought about mentioning was that on Friday night, Ricki joined me (rather than saying “No, I am too tired…”) as I accompanied my son and his family back to the residence they had borrowed to sleep at. (They “swapped” apartments with a friend.) And in the end, Ricki was energetic the entire 40 minute walk. How? Simple. We let HER push the baby carriage (and she did an excellent job, as well).
But the real “Yes, that is what I will blog about” came late Saturday evening. I had delayed clearing the table in order to catch up on some computer activities (in the way of a good procrastinator….), and on exiting the room at eleven PM, I discovered that the table had been cleared, in its entirety. And that was NOT a small job.
Ricki, my check-stealing, throwing-glasses-in-the-trash-teen, had, unasked, seen a job that needed doing, and DID it.


RivkA with a capital A said...


that must have made u feel great!!!

Staying Afloat said...

I'm sitting here, waiting for mashiach...

Seriously, so awesome. May it continue.