Monday, April 26, 2010

Yikes! You are all going to think that I am a pessimist, obsesed with death. I am not. (REALLY!)
But Friday morning I heard that a friend (my age, under my weight, but not thin) had died. My first suspicion was that her death was weight-related. So today when walking in her neighborhood, I stopped to check if the death notice gave any hint of whether the deceased had a chronic illness,died in an accident, etc. I gather from the notice that she probably had cancer. AS IF THAT MEANS BEING OVERWEIGHT IS LESS OF A DANGER, HUH?
But I got a second message from the picture: See the lovely red blooms from the overhanging plants? Well, there are hard days (death notice); there are easier days (flowers). Both are part of life. So if you are having a hard day, just hunker down and wait for the flowers to bloom.
       As someone commented, Meirav was indeed a very special person, although I knew her in a rather passing way. I do know that she was the instigator of a high school course teaching future music teachers to work with children who have special needs.


אלף שי said...

Meirav was so special, she deserves much wormer reference ...

Rickismom said...

Indeed, Merav was a special person. However, this post was not about Merav. Indeed, when I wrote the post, almost all of my readers where people from out of the country, so I felt no need to eulogize Merav here.In a blog largely devoted to the issue of weight loss, I was talking about the tendency seriously overweight people have of ignoring danger signs. I could have coddled myself into complacency about my weight, because Merav did not die from excess weight. However, your point that Merav was special is valid, and I added a post-note.