Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday-The window-washer

[image: Ricki cleaning our window with cleaner and a rag]
Ricki has been a real pest for the last few days. She has been in a "lets see how to irk/disobey Mommy mood, and it has taken a lot of effort on my part to draw lines at incorrect behavior. Today I decided to be a bit proactive. After lunch, I informed Ricki that she was going to learn how to clean windows, so that she can clean her windows when she is an adult. She actually enjoyed the task (as I thought she would, and for once in the last few days we had some positive interactions.
But when I informed her that the BEST thing to clean windows with is newspaper, she was incredulous! She didn't believe me, until she tried some and saw that I was correct!
You will find more of Special Exposure Wednesday HERE.


Alison said...

Its a bit far to travel but she is always welcome to come and clean my windows any day!!

Beverly said...

great photo

Anonymous said...

Can she do patio doors as well? Mine can use cleaning and I have lots of newspaper, ;).