Friday, April 16, 2010

Ricki’s Unexpected Diet

As I have mentioned before, Ricki LOVES bread, and can devour numerous slices at a sitting. I do my best to stop her, but this is a task requiring GREAT vigilance. But since Passover, Ricki has, unexpectedly been eating moderately.
No, she hasn’t decided to diet. She simply doesn’t know WHERE the bread is. My new kitchen has two shelves built in under the work bench, which didn’t exist in my old kitchen. So Ricki doesn’t even THINK about looking there for the bread. We are cautious to make sure that she doesn’t see us taking bread in or out, and are hoping to get her used to a new way of non-eating.

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tesyaa said...

This has worked for us with our son. We moved the graham crackers to a place he can't see them, and it's as if the craving for them has gone away.