Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going Away for Passover??? / The "Easy" Option

All of a sudden, all the family members who did not help me before Passover are “suggesting” that next year we “go away” to a hotel for the holiday. They are intimidating that the expense will not be that much greater, and my life will be a lot easier.
Well, first of all, the expense of going away would be considerable, and I doubt very highly that the expenses of the home-grown holiday are anywhere NEAR those of a hotel for the holiday. But I have many other reasons to prefer staying home.
1. My grown sons, who are nor religious, would never join us in a chareidi (ultra-orthodox) establishment. So if I make Pesach (Passover) at home, they eat kosher-for-Passover, which they wouldn’t otherwise.
2. The nicest part of the holiday is having my children and grandchildren as quests. Why should I give up my holiday pleasure?
3. Cleaning for Passover gives the house the cleaning it usually desperately needs….

Just because some people are feeling guilty is no reason for me to go away for Passover.
Ah, you say “It would be easier…”?
Yes, it would.
But who says I want easy?

Dieting isn’t easy.
Raising Ricki isn’t always easy.
Raising her siblings SURE wasn’t easy.
Being honest isn’t always easy.

Lots of things are not easy. But “easy” isn’t always the best. Not by a long shot…..

So if they suggest again going “away” for the holiday, I will have to say “Definitely NOT”


Ilana said...

You have good reasons for making the choices you make. I'm glad you're able to recognize other people's issues and not get too hung up about them.

tesyaa said...

For a bunch of reasons, I prefer to stay home too, despite the work. I think your reasons make a lot of sense.

RivkA with a capital A said...

it is totally legit 2 say "I like being home."

Staying Afloat said...

I agree with all of your reasons and those of the commentors. Especially the idea that easy isn't always best.

Let me tell you, though, that from the perpective of a mother of a special needs kid who took her family to a hotel, it is NOT necessarily easier. Your kid's routine is completely broken. They are sharing a room where they may not have been before. Things are cramped, it's easy fir them to grab other people's things, and easy for them to take food they want. And very easy for them to wander or run away to wherever they like.

So easy looks different to different people.