Thursday, February 25, 2010

Watching her Like a Hawk…..

My husband and I have been united in a strong campaign over the last week: not to let Ricki steal. We watch her when she goes down for her ride in the morning (so that she not attempt an on-the-side-marathon to the nearby grocery store). My husband keeps watch when she returns, for the same reason. Yet somehow on Monday she slipped through: on arrival home her face was smeared with chocolate wafers (which the store owner displays on the sidewalk…..). This is giving me a headache. I didn’t agree to having a thief when I gave birth to this kid…….
So how come I understand that she should be able to control her sweet tooth, but somehow it is OK for me to snitch a slice of cake (or two…) from the freezer when I REALLY feel like it?
Color me guilty for the cake I had on Sunday…..
Then color me filled with new resolve.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ricki's Mom, thought you would enjoy this prayer for the family of a down syndrome child from my blog. My cousin wrote it when my daughter was born, shes 2 today.