Monday, February 8, 2010

Maybe I Can Wake up in Three Years?

My soldier-son, home for a few hours, was helping his younger brother fill out his "request for unit to serve" questionnaire for the army.
-"Don't go there, that is full of rough-necks. And don't even give a “one” there, as NOBODY wants it, and if you give a one, they will gladly stick you there. Instead,...."
This younger son is determined to go into whatever is the most combative unit possible, so that he won't be "bored". What in the world?!? What being bored? If he has free time, he can study for his matriculation exams, as his brother currently is doing. I understand that he wants a combat unit; he feels that it is a job someone has to do. OK. But the MOST combative?
As I commented to soldier-son afterwards, "Doesn't he realize what he will be doing to me?" Sometimes I wonder if he is brave, or simply fool-hardy. Has the "modern warfare" game given him a feeling that he can just get up and do and go on, in the face of danger????? (My younger son denies this….) Maybe I can go to sleep for the next three years???? How in the world am I supposed to live with this? Yes, with pride that he is willing. And a prayer on my lips, that he not take unneeded risks. I know that he will mature in the army. He will be more dependable, more serious, and yes, probably more willing to study. So what do I do with the terrible fear that hurls itself at me like a dragon from the tournament at Hogwarts?

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Anonymous said...

My son was also clear that he wanted a combat unit. When we hinted that maybe he could help the country more by using his particular skills, he said that it's important for people with faith to do the combat. What could I say, "Better the neighbor's son"? You can't say that to a young idealistic man even if you are thinking it.