Monday, February 1, 2010

No Luck In the Kitchen

After a month, I am still waiting for the ceramic tiles I ordered for my kitchen to arrive. When I first heard that they were out of stock, but were one the way by ship, I calculated that there was still plenty of time to finish before Passover.
Then the tiles arrived early, but apparently the ship had some illegal merchandise, which is preventing the tiles from being released.
In short, I am getting rather used to working in half a kitchen, but that won’t work for Passover, so I am getting NERVOUS.

“Anything worthwhile in life”, my mother always said, “takes time and effort.” Good things, whether it is a good relationship with your spouse, a knitted sweater, good marks in school, or whatever---require imput of effort. Dieting, exercising, educating our children, etc, etc. Advertisments would like you to believe that you can get something for nothing, but it just doesn’t work that way. You get exactly what you put into it!

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Batya said...

Take it day by day.
Good luck