Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hearing Aid…or Not?

The first year after Ricki received her hearing aid, she wore it most of the time. She didn’t always like it, but in general she used it. Last year she stopped wearing it, very insistently NOT wanting to wear it. Apparently the “screeches” it made whenever there was a loud noise disturbed her enough that she didn’t want to deal with it. Than two weeks ago, when she had a bad head cold, she suddenly decided one day to wear it, saying that she could not hear the computer. It could be that the promise of borekas pastry (my bribe to wear her hearing aid) helped in this regard, but previously it hadn’t, so that certainly was NOT the entire reason. After one or two days, she again stopped wearing the aid. It would seem that she knows VERY well when she can not hear, and will take action. I need to get her hearing retested; it could be that it has improved or changed somehow, and that the aid needs to be adjusted. (Why I didn’t do that a year ago, I don’t kinow…… and even now, it will probably get pushed off until after Passover…..)

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Juka Ribeiro said...

It is really annoying that you'll suddenly hear screeches. With my previous aids it was so much that the hearing aids gave me pain. I think it's best if you'll visit the doctor. My new one is better, but I still prefer not wearing them in noisy environments to avoid progressive loss of hearing.

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